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How Our Referral Program Works

01. You Refer a Client to Us

Send us your client's contact information by filling out the referral form found at the bottom of this page.

02. We Contact Your Client

After we receive the information, we'll get in touch with your client to walk through the available options.

03. We Pay You

We pay you $250 in commission for every new property management contract.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Reap the benefits of working with us.

Keep Working With Great Clients

Sending us a referral doesn't mean you'll need to stop working with your client. Let us handle their property management needs and we'll send them back to you for sales transactions in the future.

Remove Your Liability

Are you providing advice on complicated property management subjects like fair housing guidelines, insurance requirements, and local ordinances? Why not say goodbye to the risk associated with this and let us keep your client compliant?

We're Happy to Create a Written Agreement

If you'd feel more comfortable with something in writing, we're happy to oblige. We want to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our referral partners and ensure you feel secure in choosing our team.

Our Team Makes You Shine

Don't give your clients a referral for an amateur property manager. After all, you're putting your reputation on the line, too. Instead, let our expert team keep your client happy.

We'll Pay You Commission

If your client chooses to sign a property management contract with us, we'll pay you $250 in commission.

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