Why Consider Hiring a Property Manager?

If you own rental property, it’s a great investment – but it can present some real challenges, too. That’s especially true if your’re new to owning income property.  And even if you’re a longtime landlord, you’re in a more difficult environment than ever before, as you navigate through the maze of today’s rental market. You’re…

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Vetting Prospective Tenants

To protect yourself and your investment, you’ve got to make sure your potential tenants are likely to pay their rent on time and preserve your property. Sounds simple – but sometimes property owners skip some important steps that can help avoid bigger headaches later. Of course, you’re going to require applications, proof of income and…

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Inspecting Your Rental Property: When & How?

You already know that protecting your investment in your rental property takes time and money. You’ve got to do preventive maintenance and keep up with repairs. But beyond the things you know about – or emergencies that come up – it’s best to do regular inspections at specific times. The key times are when tenants…

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