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Fall Maintenance Tips: Preparing Your Rental Property for Winter

Fall is here, which means that cold weather isn’t far behind. Since Maine’s deep freeze is sure to come, now is the time to prepare your rental property for the upcoming season, well ahead of time. Here are 10 fall maintenance tasks to help get your rental property ready for a drop in temperature: 1.…

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Think About These 10 Things Before Renting Your Property

10 Things to Think About Before Renting Your Property

When life changes and there’s a sudden need to rent your home, there’s a lot to consider when converting your residential home into a rental property. Whether you’re renting a room or leasing out your property, take the time to review these questions and protect yourself from expensive mistakes that could not only impact the…

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7 Steps to Prepare Your Rental for Airbnb

You’ve heard about all the hype surrounding Airbnb & VRBO and you’re ready to get in on the market. It might seem like an easy decision – throw some clean sheets on the bed, take a few pictures, write up a quick description, and post a listing, right? The reality of converting any property to…

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Renters Insurance: Why It’s Worth It

What is Renters Insurance? Renters insurance is a policy carried by the tenant, which provides coverage for a tenant’s personal belongings, property damage, and liability from accidental injuries to guests and damage to third-party property. As a renter, it is often assumed that you are protected by the landlord’s insurance policy; however, just because your…

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New Year’s Plan for Landlords – Best Practices for a Successful 2018

A new year brings new goals. To start the year off right, we want to be sure that 2018 is successful for landlords throughout Maine’s rental community. As your trusted Greater Portland leasing expert it is our mission to provide you with the resources you need every step of the way, so we’ve compiled a…

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Winterizing Your Tenants

By mid-November, most property owners have done all the necessary prepping for the cold winter weather; but, if you own or manage rental property, have you also ‘Winterized’ Your Tenants? Let’s be honest, even those of who have lived in the colder and snowy regions for most of our lives, there is always an adjustment…

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14 Safety Tips for Rental Property Owners & Tenants

If you’re a landlord who lives in and/or manages rental property in Portland or elsewhere in Southern Maine, keep yourself and your tenants safe by following these 14 safety guidelines. FIRST is Compliance; Make sure your rental property meets basic life safety and Portland Maine building code requirements. For properties not in Portland, ME, this information…

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6 Questions Landlords Should Ask to Assess their Prospective Tenants

Screening your Tenants is one of the most crucial aspects of your “job” as a landlord. One of the worst things that can happen to you as a landlord is to rent out your property to a bad tenant. The situation can be avoided if you follow a fair process of screening potential tenancy applications, and…

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Preparing for a Rental Inspection

A Tenants Guide for Preparing for An Inspection of Your Rental Rental Inspections can stress out a first timer easily. Many first time tenants are uncertain about their expectations from rental inspections. 35% of residents in the US live in rented property and go through a rental inspection. If you are a first timer, this…

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Understanding Types of Leases & Rental Agreements

Signing a lease is a big deal. It defines where you will live for a certain time period, either until you figure out your finances to get a house of your own or move onto greener pastures. For such a big step, it is important to define what kind of agreement you will have with…

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