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At Aquarius Property Management, we believe that every lease agreement and every rental experience should be a “win-win” situation for owners and tenants. We show property owners how to maximize their rental income over the long term while providing maximum value and enjoyment to tenants. Our focus on value for both owners and tenants ensures that rental properties are beautifully maintained, accurately priced and energetically marketed. It also means that our growing client base can be confident that their needs will be met promptly and professionally by our team.

Since 2008, Aquarius has managed more than 20 residential renovation projects, processed thousands of leases, collected millions of dollars in rent, and placed more than 1,500 people in safe, comfortable homes in and around Greater Portland. We continue to thrive because of our growing network of property owners, rental clients, corporate relocation specialists, and diverse stakeholders throughout Southern Maine. And now we’re leveraging our expertise on rental unit compliance by working closely with local government to make sure our property owners are aware of and understand new rental regulations. We’re helping today’s landlord minimize hassles and enjoy reliable income.

About Our Team

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01. We're An Experienced Local Team

We've been serving homeowners across Greater Portland, Maine for over a decade. We have the expertise you need to keep your property in great shape for years to come.

02. Enjoy Personalized Support

At Aquarius, we truly care about your needs and the specific challenges of your rental. We don't use tired formulas and hope for the best. Instead, we collaborate with you to find innovative solutions for your property headaches.

03. Your Go-To Rental Experts

We’re expert at finding and qualifying reliable tenants. We help property owners promote their tenants’ comfort and security, earn reliable income and protect the value of their properties – all with minimum stress.


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Real & Recent Reviews

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